Sunday, July 07, 2002

No to banking in the sand again

man, i passed this cop who had pulled thsi guy over for speeding and i was like... man, if you had pulled me over you woudla earned big bucks.. id be in jail. haha... that damn pig... or copper as my dad said and my mom was suprised.

so we were talking about how sand gets everywhere adn it reminded me of that dumbass billboard on college st goign towards 85 that says "YES to banking on the beach" and its a picture of thsi mother with her laptop on the beach and as everyone knows if you took a laptop to the beach it woudl be ruined. sand gets everywerhe and so i think that billboard only makes the company look dumb because banking on the beach isnt possible with sand and its sneaky ways.

i coudl swear i had soemthign important i wanted to write down, but i cant remember for the life of me. shit, and i swore to myself that i woudl remember. lets see...i was ... oh nevermind. i was gonna try and re cap the evening, but its not gonna work.

shit, i have to get up really early to get my TB test read and to go to wal mart and be in class by 9:15 AM. that means a 7:00 am morning.. well then i have gots to go ... adios

until we meet again you devil you