Friday, August 30, 2002


sometimes i can get my self to step on the cracks without feeling too dirty afterwards.

so, everyday when i come home from class, or anywhere for that matter, but mostly class cause that is where i go the most, Houston is somewhere in the living room (doesn't saying living room make my place sound nice?) waiting for me.

well, today he was not sitting in there waiting for me and i was thinking it had something to do with the huge bowl of food i left for him before i went to class. is he really just greeting me for food? all this time, i thought it was me, i thought i was special, and it looks like he really just wants the food. (everybody seems to have an alterior(word usage?- kacie, help) motive)

i could still be wrong, he could just be thrown off by the other factors you have to consider:

-we were all up pretty late (me, Scottie , and Houston) and so he could have been in a deep sleep catching up.
-i am usually gone for two class periods, but i missed my math class, so i was gone for a significantly shorter amount of time, and so he may have just not been expecting me.


well, i am glad you asked that Linzey.

next time i got to class, i am going to load him up on food as i did today before i go, and see if he is waiting for me when i get back.

Thursday, August 29, 2002


stay awhile, have a seat


before i finally get off the computer for awhile to get some real-life, (in contrast to my life here in this chair) i found this disturbing article on smoking cigarettes. (need to specify what kind of smoking is being done here for all my crack head friends out there)

yeah yeah, i know youth smokes... i'm only 19. i am a youth--right?

it's really weird to type 'only' preceding my age (which is nineteen now as i said a sec ago) because sometimes i feel so old. remembering thoughts i had in elementary school, and knowing my kids won't ever have to go to the library for projects, and remembering when we used to think we would NEVER get our drivers' license, and here i am in college, in Alabama. far away from my parents and childhood life and i am buying measuring cups, cleaning supplies, pots and pans of all different sizes, and gossiping with my mother about the new Clorox mop. well, it makes me feel old.

but i am actually very young. it is all very confusing inside sometimes. feelings that is.. sometimes it is hard to tell exactly what they are trying to tell you, and even when it is easy, they tend to change anyway.


I'm planning on going back home to Houston in October. Pat Green is playing at the Woodlands on October 6, and i figured it was a good excuse to go to Texas. Scottie is coming with me. Houston is coming with me, possibly, as well. First of all, my family has never met Houston, and i just think it is weird that they don't know my cat.
Another thing is that Houston has never been to Houston and i think he deserves to see what he was named after, whether he knows the significance or not. I really want to know how my dogs at home will get a long with little Houston. I already know that Babe, the retard dog (not in a bad way at all) will be scared to death of him. She is scared of everybody and everything (except her family and close friends of course).

i have no clue how Houston will be. I'm sure he will be scared at first, but Bella (Leslie's cat) got a long fine with her dogs which are Maltises, and since my dogs are Bichons (bred from Maltise) i figure they will get along fine.

after reading this article about an airline losing a cat, i decided maybe i wouldn't take him. Then again, if they lose him, i could sue and get 5 mill.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002


i just put that new pic up on the side there... what do you think? is it too big? ugh..
i'm serious when i asked what you thought.. thats what the 'leave a comment please' line is for.. concept.


i'm not the only one having problems today either. in psychology, we were supposed to watch this movie about evolution and the importance of sex and 'why sex?'
that was the title...why sex?

well, the audio worked, bu there was no visual for the longest time and we kept hearing about peacock females only wanting males that are well-endowed. (turns out he was talking about their magnificent tails, but prior to paying attention, i had no clue)
i really just want to get my website to how it was before, so that is what i'm going to go do now. well, i'm really not going anywhere to do it, but instead i sit in this chair, and stare at the same screen to do this, and that is just the way it is.

i have no idea how this is going to turn out, and i am very worried
i cannot get this back to how it was, and it is really getting to me, because i was very happy with it

they are coming over


naturally.. trying to make things look cooler on here, i really messed up and now i can't find my error. i would love to sit here all day and find it too, i really wouldn't mind. i would much rather do that than go to class, but i don't have much of an option on that one.

stupid big pictures

woke up later than i wanted to, but its all good. i need to work on the whole picture thing...really

Tuesday, August 27, 2002


i had a headache
all night long

some people's voices makes my head hurt even more


so, there were a few things i wanted to get down, but my head hurts right now and i just don't care to sit her and type about anything really. but, it is only the second week of school, and i feel like i've been doing this forever.

Monday, August 26, 2002


it's not a good thing, or a bad thing either, it's just something that puts me in the past and i don't want to live in the past.

why do i care if people think i am a bitch or not? i've always cared so much, and i've just realized that i am a bitch

i saw a goal post kid on the way to class this morning. he really looked like he didn't want me to say hi to him, but i did anyway. my cat is so amused by this computer screen. if i am moving the mouse around, he chases that, and if i am typing, he follows the letters, and then, BAM... right onto the floor. my cat can barely fit up here on my desk because the desk they provide at this apartment is a joke.

i need to get this cat some toys so he will leave my things alone.
what lie do you tell yourself to make yourself feel better?

Sunday, August 25, 2002


still haven't gone grocery shopping
nevermind that


i wanted to eat yogurt and oats but my spoons are all in the dishwasher, being washed.
there was something else i wanted to do that being prevented somehow, but i just can't remember what. this is not rare. i settled for cottage cheese, but i think i'm already sick of it.

i went to put the cottage cheese away like a responsible person would do and i saw my vitamins on the counter and remembered that the other thing i wanted to do was take my vitamins, but i can't swallow pills and vitamins well with water and that is all i have to drink right now. well, i have V8, but i'm not in a veggie mood, and i have some alcoholic drinks too, but i'm trying to be responsible and that means not drinking right now. at least to me it does.

this is me about five minutes ago, bored and listening to hard candy..

(dang, just went to the door again cause i thought i heard someone knock, and once again, nobody is really there)

oh right, so Abbey (or Abbie- i forget how she spells it) and her boyfriend Col(l)in (don't know how to spell his name either) were over here for awhile. I got Houston from Abbie and this was the first time they had seen him since they gave him to me. He really has gotten a lot bigger, they thought he was huge. They really don't like Alabama very much. I thought i knew why when we were talking earlier, but i can't seem to remember anymore. kinda like in class, when i understand everything perfectly and can't figure it out at home to save my life. whatever, that's the way it works i guess.

Friday, August 23, 2002


"summer's gone and so are we
lets go shut it down
new orleans
come on baby
come on baby"

-counting crows


bad headache and very tired. its too early friday night and i'm ready for bed.

one of the mystery photos. any ideas?? should it even be on the internet? oh gosh, i'm worried now. quick, somone figure out what it is and tell me if i need to take it off the internet. no, its okay.. really, its fine. i am just tired. seriously though...

Awake and don't want to go to class

but i am going to anyway because that is what i have to do.

"The following menu has changed so please listen carefully."
The automated answering woman at the Auburn Medical Clinic says this every time you call, and she has been saying it for AT LEAST year, because when i first got here it said that and i took notice to it and wondered what the menu used to be like and when they were going to change it from saying that. well, they still haven't.

It is kind of like a book (or anything for that matter) that says NEW on it or something, permanently, rather than on a sticker or something and twenty years down the road, it still says NEW on it. I think it is interesting. Is my life so dull that i notice these things?? Well, it's better than some of the things that go through my head.

one-two, one-two- three, one , one , one, one two, one two three, one two, one two , one two...

that is enough
i just noticed that my cat HAS grown since i have gotten him

That is him on my made bed.
yeah, normal people make their beds in the morning, so that is what i am going to do.
well, not normal, i don't like to use that word so much, even if i do use it ALL the time.
the kind of person i want to be makes their bed every morning, so that is what i am going to do. i also need to do my dishes on a daily basis, or every other day. it is okay though, baby steps.

"she called out a warning.. don't ever let life pass you by."

wow, my typos are improving: spell check only found ONE mispelled word.. imagine that

Tuesday, August 20, 2002


driving around Auburn, i usually see lots of interesting things, as you would anywhere. Today, i saw the nicest porta potty i have EVER seen, and i have seen lots. This one was nice, and when i say nice i actually mean it. I have seen disgusting porta potties, as we all have, and this one was a somewhat big white structure and looked clean, at least from the outside. It was big enough to have a women's restroom, a men's and a unisex. i mean, wow, talk about fancy. it wasn't all ghetto looking either and it had wooden staircases up to the doors that were fresh and didn't have any sort of graffiti on them. i'd have to say this evolution in porta potties i have observed was the highlight of my day. which reminds me, did you know they sell crustless bread?? i didn't know groceries could evolve, but alas, i was wrong.

so, i'm drivin' down Opelika hwy-- a somewhat long, boring and hilly road that has shit stores along the side, with an occasional good place to eat. i was at a light behind a red pick up truck who was accelerating at a mile per hour and just couldn't handle it anymore so i swerved out from behind him and got in the other lane. well, as i passed him, i noticed that he had a sticker on his car that said "drive it like you stole it."

imagine the irony. i just was in shock that such a slow and annoying driver would have a sticker acting like he hot rodded around the place like a badass.


lucky for me, i found my trusty little izone that i bought in high school for the hell of it. i used to buy odd little things i don't really need when i have a bunch of money sitting around, which hasn't happened since i got to college.
the picture on the left is my actual dishwasher, but the picture on the right is my actually dishwasher before i realized i needed new batteries in my camera.

i have a miniature dishwasher actually and it really doesn't fit much into it. But today, my friends, i packed more into it than it has probably ever held at one time. All of my glasses and all of my silverware and cups... and i really don't have much other than that, and no one cares anyway so i'm going to stop talking about the dishwasher.

i always think of a million things to write about when i'm driving around, but i can never remember them when i get home.

it's always so weird reading a history book and read about events that have happened in my lifetime. i feel so young most of the time, and then i can feel so old. i could really write about that for a long time because i realized today that my sister is a JUNIOR in high school and she is driving. a manual. driving is one thing, but i also can't see my sister driving a standard transmission... she's such a spaz. and she is so young, but so am i, even if i don't feel like it when Alabama Power is banging on the door for money or they're going to cut off my power. Having to buy certain things i never had to think about.

Anyway, i need to be thinking about my homework, so i'm signing off for now.

Monday, August 19, 2002


i hate pictures because there are just so many of them and they all get mixed up and you never know what they mean later on. id like to get them all organized in books and stuff, but i just don't wanna sit down and do that becuase i know how frusterated i would get. id like to type stuff, but i just dont feel like thinking anymore...

first day of school

every time i say that, i feel like i'm in kindergarden all over again.
i developed about five rolls of film today... finally.

this morning was beautiful when i drove from Scottie's back to my place. I had a great sleep, which is expected since i went to bed at, i can hardly make it to sleep before the sunrise.

If i made you cry, please tell me why

i knew something was wrong and you wouldnt let me know
oh how i wish you had

kitty staring up at me letting me know its time for breakfast.
It's time to get my day started... a little late, but its starting.

i need to get some pics developed today

thats enough for now i have too much to do

Friday, August 16, 2002

Tonight is a mysterious night

at this present time, Dana and Lauren are laying in the bed. I know that Carrie went out to run soem errands over at Russ's house and she should be back shorty, or as soon as possible. i trust her. Dana and Lauren look about past out really... well, im drinkign an AMP, maybe that has somethign to do with it. Im excited about tonight, and i justreally would rather use paper for times like these, adn if you are lucky i will transer my thoughts from paperonto teh internet so that EVERYONE can see inside mmy brain.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Dust is powerful stuff

sitting here at the very incapable and old-fashioned desk this apartment complex provides me with, i can smell the cat litter from a few feet away. i'm still not supposed to have the cat, but they haven't interrogated me ever since the last time. I haven't been on the computer much lately. I thought Charter had disconnected the internet because of the returned check, but after I drove all the way over there and stood in line listening to a crazy old man try and argue with an incompetent woman behind the desk (it seems like anyone who sits behind a desk and is supposed to be helpful is incompetent), it turned out they hadn't even received the returned check yet.

I can't pay for a returned check before they have received the returned check. Doesn't make much sense, but neither does any company i have anything to do with. I guess that's just how it is these days.

Scottie blew on the cables after i told him it fixed the broken cable last time, and what do you know? Dust made my internet not work. Dust is powerful stuff. Anyway, i have lots of things i would like to do on the computer actually, but i have an apartment to clean because tomorrow is a big day.
i hope people don't toy with our emotions tomorrow the way they did today.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Eagles West and Auburn U are getting a wake up call from me

well, I'm still really nervous from the Eagles West lady waking me up an hour ago. Every time anyone knocks on the door or rings the bell, i absolutely freak out. Who's on the other side? Can i make it to the door before they just BUST in?

This morning, i was completely naked , and the woman had inserted her key and was about to open the door and i held it shut and told her to please hold on. please please please hold on, i have to get some... well, hold on. So, i found Scottie's undershirt and my good ole' tiger-across-the-butt shorts, tried to get the cat to stay in my room and then cracked the door open.

"i heard you had a cat in here. It's gone right?"
(do i lie? do i tell the truth? If i lie, are they going to catch me later?)

"yes, the cat is gone."
"are you sure?"

She left after that. Am i not supposed to be nervous? When i told my dad i was still nervous (he called in the middle of writing this) and then told him the story, he said
"that's it?"

Well yeah that's it. He told me i needed a dead bolt. I told him i already had one.
What pisses me off the most about this place is when they knock on the door and don't give me enough time to answer the door before they bust in. MY APARTMENT, MY MONEY... WHAT DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND???
it's called common courtesy, respect, and the friggin law.. right?
I'm going to the office soon (maybe not know because its hectic, or maybe that's what they need... me to approach them and put them on the spot when it's hectic) and complaining about the recent and current situation. When they mention the cat, I'm going to mention that Jacqueline had a dog in here for the entire time she lived here and it pissed all over the carpet, ruined furniture, and they didn't have anything to say about her dog.
Yeah, so the cat is still illegal and i shouldn't have it here, but i would like to see what they have to say about Daisy the dog.

Why is the counter so low?? Last time i was on here it was seventy something and now its in the teens. Bravenet needs to get a hold of themselves, just like everybody else in this dysfunctional world.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

menopause-life would be so much better without it

AuburnLinzey14 (10:07:39 PM): hey
Gallagherlicious (10:07:43 PM): what up
AuburnLinzey14 (10:07:50 PM): not much..
AuburnLinzey14 (10:07:52 PM): when you comin back?
Gallagherlicious (10:08:00 PM): 14th
AuburnLinzey14 (10:08:17 PM): 6 days left of being a prisoner.. how do you feel?
Gallagherlicious (10:09:22 PM): can't wait to get out
Gallagherlicious (10:09:26 PM): listen to this
AuburnLinzey14 (10:09:31 PM): im all ears
Gallagherlicious (10:09:44 PM): i'm trying to watch this cool street racing thing on mtv tonight
AuburnLinzey14 (10:10:05 PM): oh gosh... parents wanna watch the NEWS or soemthign dumb right?
Gallagherlicious (10:10:07 PM): and my mom comes up and yells at me for 30 minutes on why i haven't cleaned out the basement closet for 2 days
AuburnLinzey14 (10:10:12 PM): oh gosh
Gallagherlicious (10:10:12 PM): yea haha
AuburnLinzey14 (10:10:29 PM): they always choose to yell forever when youre watching soemthing...i dont get it
AuburnLinzey14 (10:10:34 PM): its like, a special gene or something
Gallagherlicious (10:10:36 PM): exactly
Gallagherlicious (10:10:57 PM): and she won't stop yelling until i use the exact phrase "i'm sorry mom i'll clean anything you ask as soon as you ask"
Gallagherlicious (10:11:15 PM): i didn't know i was supposed to say that, and as soon as i said it, she turned around and walked away
AuburnLinzey14 (10:11:31 PM): oh i know!!! you ahve to tell them what they want to hear, or their menopause goes through the roof!!
Gallagherlicious (10:11:35 PM): that phrase could have saved me a half hour of crap
Gallagherlicious (10:11:39 PM): you got it
AuburnLinzey14 (10:11:41 PM): haha.. seriously

the results are in, i don't have affluenza

in high school, morality class, junior year, we learned about a disease called Affluenza. In fact, we had to watch an entire movie on the subject, and then write a journal about it.
I looked up the official definition and it didn't exist in the internet dictionary. at least not which leads me to believe its hogwash that my school made us watch to feel badly about being snobs and having more money that the administration--the ones making us watch it.
Just to make sure i got it down right, i went through and found my journal and here is what i found affluenza to mean:

Affluenza is a 'disease' in which buying the things that used to make you happy, don't make you happy anymore. (there was actually more after this, but i know it was B.S. just to make my paper longer)

My life is better because of this cell phone. I'm not exaggerating either. My old phone was bulky and blah first of all, and the refurbished phone i got had no time or date, which just ruined my life. I depend on my cell phone for certain things, and the time and date is one of them. that way i don't have to wear a watch and get sweaty wrist. yucky. My new phone also has a datebook so that i can set alarms for anytime. My old phone didn't have an alarm, and besides just being embarrassed to have an obsolete phone, it was annoying as hell because i forget everything and alarms are good reminders.

i don't feel like typing anymore. Scottie is coming sometime tonight and i still have everything that was on the floor, on the bed or the sofa. Not to mention all the rest of the stuff I have to clean up

I miss being called LINO

so, i just tried calling Kacie. i forgot she was in san fransisco for the mission trip. she is so friggin lucky. i really wanted to go, but its just not the time in my life... not enough time really.

her dad answered and it was just like old times. it was so good to hear his voice. its weird how you can hear the differences in people's voices. he sounded so much older than he did when i was little. are our parents really getting that old??
he said "it was good to hear from you Lino" (what the Harolds have always called me) and my face just lit up. it sounded so good to hear him say Lino...i think it made my day.

My Nextel Girlfriend would understand

getting a new cell phone.. ahhh, what a delight. I love the flip phones, because the fresh smell lasts longer. The flip acts as a protective shield against the nasty smells of the world, allowing the buttons to smell plasticy clean and fresh for a longer period of time.

I liked the description

The bluishorange link i've got, well, thats a website i visit quite regularly. I actually founded it somehow when i was looking up stuff about Adam Duritz and weather or not the autograph i have of his is real, which it is by the way. A man at the backstage door got it for us, adn it has Adam's middle initial (F) and the man wouldn't have known that. I didnt even think of that possibility, until Scottie brough it up. But its okay, because its real.

anyway, i found her site randomly, adn she happens to be from Houston. i visit alot of random sites and quite a few of them have been from Houston, i think its weird. I guess when there are that many ppl, its bound to happen.

i'm: alison, a 24-year-old university of houston english major and waitress (in that order)
from: houston, texas, where they poison the water and the cockroaches eat small children

but: i love this city anyway. i love the fact that it has no "image" or pretention to speak of, unlike some other towns in texas. i love the fact that you can drive for hours and just sort of lose yourself in roads and freeways and music. i love the fact that there are cool things to do that nobody knows about. i love the fact that only the native houstonians love it here. yes, i am a native houstonian

i just really liked the way she wrote about Houston and I thought that i would include it.

I can't even remember anymore

okay, so i just typed a bunch of stuff, and it is gone. completely gone. i put time and thought into it, and it is gone. that is why i like paper better.

Jacqueline, the previous owner of this apartment in lovely building Z, actually thinks she deserves the safety deposit for this apartment. apparently, she sees shopping in her near future. well, i don't even know what makes her think she should get this deposit. She asked me if there were any holes in the carpet or wall that would prevent her from getting her safety deposit back. what kind of question is that? She left this place a total nightmare. When i decided to lease this apartment, i was a young, naive college student moving into her first apartment. i am still young and naive, but i no longer am blind to the evils of people trying to find sublets for their apartment. i know everything you need to know and do before moving in now... at least i have learned something from all this. i say that every day, which means i make a mistake every day. i cant wait till the day i learn no more lessons and am just living... i don't think that day exists, but its got to get better than this right?

So, being young, dumb and on my own, i paid Jacqueline the safety deposit she demanded. I didn't know any better and my parents are too far away to help me out that much, so its just me. It's all me. So, i guess she forgot i gave her that money, but she wants it. She must be kidding if she thinks she even deserves the money:

- the carpet is supposed to be light brown, but is actually more of a polka-dotted style, spotted with dark brown and black splotches and stains (there is also a chunk torn up by the door, makes for a lovely entrance)
- the walls have big nail sized holes as well as chunks of dust hanging from the corners and unidentifiable dirt markings as well.
- the potent rank of dog urine saturating the closet. yes, the same closet that has all of my nice clothes, there fore, when going out on the town i smell like too much perfume, patchouli and a hint (yet, still strong) of dog urine. Do people actually think this is the way i smell? Do people associate that smell with me? That is NOT my smell.
- the kitchen. no words in the english language can describe the utter repulsiveness of the kitchen decoration.
- never once has she dusted in here. Dust was everywhere... how can you not dust and live like that??

on a crappy note, this is the e-mail i got today:
Dear Elizabeth (my real first name)

You have been placed on Academic Warning, Continued Warning or Last Warning based on grades received by August 5, 2002. Academic Warning, Continued Warning or Last Warning status is imposed at the end of any term for which a student's cumulative grade point average on Auburn University course work is below a 2.0. This letter is to inform you that you will be placed on Academic Suspension if during your next term of enrollment both of the following conditions apply: (1) your semester grade point average is below 2.2 and (2) your cumulative grade point average on Auburn University course work is below the required designated classification as follows:

this is not news though. i have been on warning for awhile. but i will be off warning after the fall.

on a more positive note, i got my new cell phone in the mail today, finally. it was about friggin time.
I also was disturbed awhile ago by some nice men who wanted to clean my carpet free of charge!!! (the complex paid obviously) If there is one thing i bitch about more than (well, i bitch about too many things to list here), it is my carpet. I didn't know what i was going to do about living in such a disgrace, and then my carpet cleaning heroes showed up at the door.

It is going to take two hours to dry, so my cat is caged up in the bathroom. He was originally there so he wouldn't get freaked out by the noise of the steamer thing, but i know he'll just die if his paws get all wet, so i am leaving him in there to sleep, which i'm sure hell do fine. he always does.

on the other hand, my feet are pruning. gross. pruning due to carpet cleaner... nasty. maybe that was too much information.

one more note to add... i gave my dad the address to this page, so now my parents have access to my close and personal life (well, i wouldn't that much up on the web anyway) but i don't know if i made a mistake yet or not.

A Banging on my Door

Oh, and it wasn't just a banging, but this man was struggling to get into my apartment this morning. It was actually afternoon and i was still asleep and all i could hear was the door trying to be forced open. Luckily, i had shorts on from my earlier interruption at 9am, so i made it to the door quickly. I opened the door to find an old man who felt horrible about waking me up and not knowing that i live here. I have a tapestry across my window and a Native Texan bumper sticker in my window... is that what all abandoned apartments look like? I didn't; think so either.

He was told that he was supposed to come to this apartment to clean and look, he even had the key. I told him i wasn't shocked at his presence because the management here have REPEATEDLY forgotten i am STILL living here and continuously show up at my door.

which has actually gotten me into trouble.

The first time the lady came by, i assured her that i AM living here, walkie talkie your boss and she'll tell you. i was home free, until Houston showed up at the door, next to my feet wondering who the bitch was at the door who woke us up. The lady at the door (i just realized, her name is Emily) was not impressed and told me to get rid of the cat.
She came by the next day (yesterday) to ask what i had done about the cat and that the property manager is coming through this week and she will get in trouble if they find out they have done nothing about the cat. She told me she might have to fine me with a look of 'i don't want to have to tell you this' on her face, when in fact the fine is only $25. wow, really scary. fine me and leave me the hell alone. In fact, i think i just might call the office now to tell them not to bother me anymore.

no no, because then they will ask about the cat.
They don't even know about the rabbit... I'm sure they'd just love that.

Maybe nobody loves me, or maybe no one cares

no one writes comments in here, and then i realized the strong possibility that no one even reads this. maybe when the school year starts up again and people sit on there computers all day, maybe then i will get some comments... maybe

Don't ask, Don't tell... first thing that came to mind

Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Auburn, Auburn University, Linzey, Female!

One last thing

this is the one last thing im writing so that when i go to sleep, my webpage doenst look like complete shit...hows that?
nighty night.. or good morning rather. good morning auburn, good night linzey and houston.

i forgot something

i didnt realize that the caption to the picture wouldnt show up with the picture for some reason , so here it is:
that is the ice skating rink in the Galleria in Houston, TX

after this, i am going to BED, for real

alright, this is just a bullshit thing for practice... like i said, im gonna erase all this shit prolly.

I used to work at the Abercrombie that looked over this, Erin still does.

Cold toes

my toes are cold
and they don't stop to seek any warmth
I'm bored out of my mind
with so much to do

im gonna find another pic to insert somewhere soon... i need to get my scanner back up and running.

i'm addicted until figure it out

here i am, sun about to rise, scottie idle for awhile. i was gonna get into bed when i got off the phone with him, and that so didn't happen. i'm addicted to this until i figure it out.


it is me, yet again, i found a sick one of these things (weblogs) on here... i have actually found a few. maybe i should link to them for the perverts who run across my site and find it boring... hmmm..
no no no.. im sick of providing porn to others... thats not supposed to sound as bad as it does. im just glad i dont have a perv back here looking at porn on my computer all the time anymore.. in fact, it seems that he has completely erased Leslie and I from his life, which is fine by me, but Leslie feels kinda bad. i don't.. hes a jerk.


i think nothing right now. i forgot how to think, i can only type and move the mouse adn click.


so, the link didnt quite work out like i thought it did, adn it is nearly 5 in the friggin morning, what am i doing?

posting again as another test

if there is another way to refresh and try everything new ive added without having to type nonsense on here, someone plesae tell me. .. ill prolly erase this before the rest of the world is up./

this attempt is a success

my daddy is the one on the drums... i did this as an experiment, a successfull experiment that is, thanks to this man right here

Attempting to broaden my horizons at 4:20am

alright, im giving this a try here, lets see how it goes.

cross those fingers, i know they're there

well well well, what do we have here?

you're american beauty. you're full of hope and appreciate the beautiful things in life.

take the which prettie movie are you? quiz, a product of the slinkstercool community.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is yet another quiz, but don't be alarmed for i have found more that i will take later on.

Maybe I will erase tonight

all these stupid tests i am doing, well i just might erase them tomorrow... rather, later today. i say rather a lot, don't you think? My vocabulary isn't very extensive and i really need to work on that one of these days

I'll tell you why

for every time i TRY to fix something on this webpage, i have to type soemthign else HERE to see if my attempts worked... i'm sure there is an easier way to update the page, but i am not in the mood to find it right now

Yet, another test

why? why why why? i sit here and bullshit, i don't know why.
this is another test because my computer and the internet are pissing me off.
where did scottie go?? I hope he calls soon.

I was going to try

well, i did try. I tried using another webpage to put this on, cuase im having a hard time, but it doesn't matter anymore because everything else out there is more difficult than using blogspot to put this shit on, so fuck it. i don't know enough about this stuff and it amazes me that so many little kids do, and dumb old people. it makes me sick.

that is more than enough for now

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

never ending search

So, i took another dumb quiz that i found while 'surfin' the net' (dude, like, cowabunga) and i love making fun of language we all used to use, or people used rather. so i found this quiz and not only do i not qualify for the stereotype, but the only questions i even understood were "are you still a virgin" and " do you smell your clothes before putting them on," well, just to name a few. there were i guess, five, on the quiz i understood, but the rest was another language to me.

I am 10% Geek

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun? I should try writting an online test application at 1 am in my underwear

Take the Geek Test at

Just because i am not a geek, doesn't mean i want to though. I hardly agree with "the grass is always greener on the other side," because in all actuality, I have it alot better than most people, and most people have it off a lot worse than they make it seem.

This is a test

This is a test. It is only a test. If this was a real attempt to get my thoughts down, this would be followed by an infinite amount of rambling that no one really wants to have to deal with but they do because, well, i dunno.

Houston has never been to Houston

I have nothing to do.
That's a lie.
I have tons to do, but i really just want to sit here at the computer and collect dust.

So, im watching episodes of The Osbournes and i just started and i just happend to click one where Ozzy and Sharon visit Houston. It was such a great shot of Houston, or rather , little clip of Houston. Showed the buildings, and the Cow Parade and an astronaut guy... i thought it was cool.

Welcome to the End of MySummer

We just realized yesterday that we are the type of people they make fun of in movies. Our bodies are locked into position on the sofa and we don't get up until the delivery guy gets here with our food, which is usually China Palace.

I am the only person living in this building as of now. I live on the end of building Z (for zooloo or zebra) and I think I might have collected enough junk over the past few months in this apartment for this end of the building to sink into the storage space below. Carrie is the only person living in building M as of now, but she is leaving for Birmingham tomorrow morning. Leslie is in Albany, Georgia and those are the only people I hang out with now on a daily basis. I think there is one girl living in Y, the building next to me but I don't know her and neither of us have made any attempt to become friends and i don't see an attempt in the near future. The lease was up yesterday so everyone really is gone and no one is coming back to pick up any more of thier life either... they've finally got it all moved out of here.

and they've left me alone.
even if i didn't know them, i'm all alone and there isn't anybody to watch anymore or talk about.

Building Z was full of crazy people, and now they are all gone and i wonder what kind of people are going to move in next. Yesterday, Carrie and I went to Russ's new house which smells of paint and a variety of air fresheners and is such an improvement from the rank of my apartment which still smells of Jaqueline and dog piss.
Russ's house was the first house I'd been to in Auburn that was fresh. It is an old house, but the carpet is clean, all the paint is new, and it's like walking into a new house before someone moves in, and i hadn't smelled that smell or been in a house like that in awhile.

i just remembered part of my dream from last night. I was actually thinking it was real, but I haven't left the apartment so I know it's not. I dreamt that i finally met Russ's sister. I was excited about finally getting to meet her but I couldn't shake her hand becuase mine was sticky and I was embarassed.
Another one of my dreams was that my sister and a friend of hers were going to attend Auburn this fall and they wanted to live in the Extension for some reason and i was trying to convince them to live in the hotel next to the Extension. (there is no hotel next to the Extension in real life) They were so sure they really wanted to live in the Extension and i told them it was ghetto and they just wouldn't believe that i knew what i was talking about. my own sister, not knowing that I always know what i'm talking about didn't believe me.

I guess it's about every 36 hours. It seems like every single day, but it takes a little more than a day. We wake up, do the alone time thing and then at some point she'll come over.
We relax
We talk
We have a good time, and usually watch some Sex and the City.
Then we run out
We call for backup
No one is in town, ofcourse, because its summer in Auburn and the town is DEAD.
Or no one is home
We finally find a friend
A friend in deed
We pray we've got money
We cross our fingers that we'll be okay
Another trip to the ATM
We get what we need
and then we are happy once again

I really woudl like a dry erase board to keep a to-do list up where i can see it on a regular, minute-to-minute basis. I think that will increase the chancecs of things actually getting done. I think.

I don't have a bathmat in the bathroom so i always worry about slipping when i get out, and I don't even have a welcome mat at the front door or even a crappy mat to wipe your feet off. Ofcourse, my carpet is in bad shape and wiping your feet on it is the least of my carpet concerns. I think think that the charcoal hole in the living room under the sofa is more of a concern. I think the charcoal hole that burns down to the wood in my floor at the foot of my bed is more of a concern. The rug i have covering that hole is upside down because the rug is in such bad shape. I've run out of paper towels and I somehow manage to collect bags of trash on a daily basis. I have to drag myself to the dumpster at least twice a day somehow.

I think I'm hearing things. I could have sworn i just heard my cell phone ring but it was coming from a corner it coudln't have come from because my computer is in that corner and on the other side of the wall is outside. I thought i heard the doorbell earlier too, but that didn't exist, as Carrie was there to make clear for me. The train is so loud where i live.

I don't even have to go into the fridge to know what is in there:
one or two bottles of water
an eye mask
almost empty bottle of aloe vera (drinking kind)
almost full bottle of aloe vera (to apply to skin)
Almost empty carton of Horizon milk (2%)
Horizon cottage cheese
Leftover chinese food
Nasoya mayonaise
Plain yogurt (ugh, i meant to get vanilla)
SkyyBlue or whatever it is

I don't have anything decorating my walls and this place is so grose, that no matter how clean it is, it still looks dirty and I can't stand it. My cat's head smells funny.
For some reason, I have this feeling this won't be all i write tonight.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

washing dishes, picking up trash and other household chores

i don't even remember my dream, i just know what when i heard my sister's voice, i knew she was in it. Then i remembered it had soemthing to do with her and my dad sleeping in the same bed, which was weird cause no one wants to sleep with Dad because of his snoring, and Katherine sleeps with mom these days. She slept with dad alot after the car wreck.

Only to find more that intrigues me...

well i found a nother dumb quiz. i hate these things, really but i just can't stop taking them anyway. they really don't have any truth to them either... well, maybe this one does.

(note to self: i just double clicked THIS to make it italics and it did this weirdo thing on here, so make sure it looks like it's supposed to.


What's *Your* Sex Sign?

Losing Myself

Another fine day awaits me now
I am one day older
and I let another day slip away somehow

The world is fresh
People up on their feet
Trying to get through another day without defeat

It is all spinning so fast
I don't know which way is mine
A hundred different lives to choose from
Completely opposite from those of my past

Slapping Reality

nearly sunrise on a tuesday morning
at first i typed neatly instead of neatly.

sitting here by myself, i have nothing to do
i should get in bed but i know ill just sit there and think of all this stuff i don't wanna think about. I always get so tired and want to sleep and then i just can't sometimes. anyway, im sick of typing and my shoulders are sore and i'm sick of looking at this computer screen thinking it's gonna do something.

i reached back

i reached back into the life i once knew
and i pulled out a few things

and i really just wanted to type somethign to see if i could get these dumb comments to work once and for all. we will see.

So incredibly frusterated

I'm gonna write this, assuming it works, but i am fed up with this computer crap, really. I want to enable comments on here, even if no one reads it and i am having a hard time with that. These entries are supposed to have titles on them, but they don't seem to be showing up that way and i also want a better lookin skin but ofcourse im having a hard time with that. All the while, my apartment is STILL a mess, regardless of what i have ever said in the past. According to my rules this weekend, i have until the end of the week before i'm really in trouble with my self for having a messy apartment.

well, tomorrow Leslie's rabbit, Olive , moves in. It should be interesting. Olive has been humping Houston a lot lately, at least tonight, and we'll just have to see how they get a long this week. I want Carrie to keep me company as i clean too, but i feel bad making people sit in my apartment just so i am not alone. well, if she's pilled up, she'll be fine, and she'll have the farmhouse to watch over as well, not to mention My So Called Life episodes.

Friday, August 02, 2002

i wonder if i will always be clueless

i dont know what im supposed to say to people when they want me to say what i dont want to say

time traveling through Ohio and other places

Kacieisagoddess: hey dude'
Kacieisagoddess: so i just got my learners permit
Kacieisagoddess: it is like i am 15 again
Kacieisagoddess: woo hoo
Kacieisagoddess signed off at 2:15:43 PM.

As i walked from building M to Z, i have to walk down this alley type pf area... its the back of the Scarborough Square Apartments and there are some more eagles west over there, including Carries;. anyway, the point is that its scary to walk through at night and its surreal to walk through at night. walking through it during the day makes me feel like i am asleep and dreaming and when its dark, there is more reality i have to think about.
There isnt much wind here in auburn, and when it is windy it makes me feel like im at the beach, which i havent been to in over a year, not a real beach at least. thats actually another story all together. (if this cat jumps onto the keyboard one more time, i swear) My hair is greasy and it blew around my face and i could hear the wind blowing over my ears, making that sound. that really windy sound, you know the sound. it reminds me of the beach. Im greasy right now all together and i have dirt under my nails that need to be filed. my face feels burned and so does my back...i guess its just from the heat. it's just that part of the afternoon where i woudl usually wake up if i had drowned my brain cells the night before in stuff i'm not even legal for yet, (well unless you look at my Lousiana liscence.) and then suffocated them with smoke. (really scary sound coming from another room.. i should check it out, just like the dumb blond girl in dumb movies) (turns out the weird guy next door is playing music awfully loud and its making the walls buzz) so, around 3:30 in the afternoon... the alley, the wind... getting myself back on track. im not even wearing a real shirt, but a district champions basketball shirt from middle school, when i actaully did stuff. My arms felt burnt when i pushed the paper sleeves up my arms and over my shoulders. i could barely feel my legs moving me, i coudl barely feel my legs at all and i was just floating a long with the breeze down the alley and it felt like a spring break afternoon after a night of trouble, reflecting on what id done, but id done nothign this time. Then i decided it wasnt a spring break afternoon... i lived at the beach and this what i did, this is where i live, how pathetic, but then i realized there are no palm trees in Alabama and this is where i live and this is the brown door that opens up into my apartment in alabama.

don't under estimate my ability to find more

we gotta get outta here
this city needs help
if you can even call it that

i know you cant
i just thought i would for fun
these morning birds reminding me
of what i don't have and what i need to do

You are a pheonix.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

anything you think of must be better than this

fuck. that is all i have to say


okay, so i found this cool thing where you can make a license plate from whatever state, almost any kind they offer, and you can put what you wanna say on it and it makes a cool little picture and i wanted to put it on here, and i just cant figure it out. i have a lot of things to learn, and that's all i have to say about that really

trying something out on here

if i could only let you know
maybe you could see
that this person you are talking to,
isn't just me

i wanna get lost in your rock and roll

addicted to quizes?? yes, i think i might be

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

No to banking in the sand

man, i passed this cop who had pulled thsi guy over for speeding and i was like... man, if you had pulled me over you woudla earned big bucks.. id be in jail. haha... that damn pig... or copper as my dad said and my mom was suprised.

so we were talking about how sand gets everywhere adn it reminded me of that dumbass billboard on college st goign towards 85 that says "YES to banking on the beach" and its a picture of thsi mother with her laptop on the beach and as everyone knows if you took a laptop to the beach it woudl be ruined. sand gets everywerhe and so i think that billboard only makes the company look dumb because banking on the beach isnt possible with sand and its sneaky ways.

i coudl swear i had soemthign important i wanted to write down, but i cant remember for the life of me. shit, and i swore to myself that i woudl remember. lets see...i was ... oh nevermind. i was gonna try and re cap the evening, but its not gonna work.

shit, i have to get up really early to get my TB test read and to go to wal mart and be in class by 9:15 AM. that means a 7:00 am morning.. well then i have gots to go ... adios

until we meet again you devil you

i always say i'm going to go to bed soon, i always plan on getting bed when i first think of the idea. Then, i get on the computer and find all these things to look at and i just cant imagine getting into bed after finding new worlds to explore... right here in my bedroom. It kinda sounds like it is rainging outside, but i really dont think it is. I wandered into the kitchen, pantsless, and got a cup of wine out of the fridge. One of my special monogrammed cups that you dont need a coaster for. the wine is from last night and i guess that means its gone bad, but when its cold, i cant really tell. i am so thirsty though, and i wish i had somethign really yummy to chug, but i dont. what would be any good anyway? what is worth chugging? i cant think of anything right now, but all this talk of chugging makes me want beer, which there is none of. id go buy some, but i have no working car, and no money... so that idea is expired.

No rain, its the air conditioner outside. peeking through the blinds, i couldnt see outside. i was worried someone was trying to block my view from beign able to see outside. would a rapist do that? would a burglar do that? ofcourse not, but im going to think these things are possible anyway. what was that sound? oh gosh, this scary apartment. why did i decide to live on my own again? must finish wine before it gets really really bad...

id actually realy like soem cranberry juice. damn, that dounds good.

i chugged the wine and could see the white light as it managed to squeeze through my throat, making my stomache all bubbly.

You are a very intense person. Most people find you hard to understand but those who know you well love you to bits.

Which Blogging Tool Are You?

apparently, this is me. actually, whenever i take quizes, i kind of lose touch with who i am and it takes me awhile to figure out the answer to the most simple questions.
i'm trying to figure out how exactly to work this thing... i thought i knew computers until i found out there was more
i wanna be so much more than a lifeless form wasting away in this dumb chair