Saturday, November 23, 2002

why wont the picture i want upload??

added later:
alright, i obviously got it to load correctly, which is just totally exciting for me. i was having some serious problems with this image and it turned out that i was not using the program i thought i was using. i really don't know how i got that mixed up, but i did. Houston isn't sore anymore down there, but he did manage to take leave presents right next to his litter box. picky cat... too good to use a litter box that hasn't been cleaned in a few weeks, so snobby. actually, it hasn't been that long, don't be scared.

Friday, November 15, 2002


i went to this page today, and the pictures that he put up there for today are absolutely amazing, and you have to see them. i'm serious.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

i know that i am hungry and i know that i need to eat. i know what i need to do, but sometimes it just seems so hard to just do what needs to get done. i have an hour left before my doctors appointment. I can't remember the last time i made it to wednesday without already having one.

I'm seeing Dr. Petersen for the results from the pyshcological evaluation. It was supposed to just be another ADD testing thing, but we did the whole evaluation thing. this was the third time in my life i've had to do it, and it better be the last. This is the first time i've gone in to discuss the results. It has always been my parents and then they could come home with the sugar coated version of what the therapist said. now i have to hear it firsthand by myself. kinda makes me nervous.

Sunday, November 10, 2002


last night, on a whim, my dad and i went to the bookstore. we went in seach of Iron John. I have no clue what we were talking about, but dad came to the conclusion that Scottie needed to read it. He said it was written for guys, a growing type of thing, a part of the men's movement or something. i decided i needed to read it too. we took a right onto one of the one way streets and we were on our way to the bookstore. i love that bookstores stay open late. it wasn't late then, but its a comforting thought to know a bookstore is open.

here is a list of the books i bought:

-Booknotes: Stories from American History, leading historians on the events that shaped our country (that would be U.S.A. by the way)
-Brave on the Rocks by Sabrina Ward Harrison (last time i went i was a couple bucks short for this one)
-The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
-How to Think Like Einstein by Scott Thorpe
-Hard Time Blues-How Politics Built A Prison Nation by Sasha Abramsky
-Never Good Enough- How to use Perfectionism to your advantage without letting it ruin your life by Monica Ramirez Basco, Ph.D. (Dad put this one on my pile after i told him we needed to leave before i picked up any more books)
-A Charge to Keep - My Journey to the White House by George W. Bush (feeding my obsession, please don't mistake me for a dubya fan)
-Fortunate Son- The Infamous, Suppressed Biography of the Illegitamate President by J.H. Hatfield

"the book worked like a year of shrink sessions" - Cathi Hanauer on Never Good Enough


my dad is just as bad as i am. there are coffee stains on my counter top and dirty dishes in the sink. there is a tall white mug with a coffee ring along the inside and i know who it belongs to. the used spoon sat on the counter leaving its mark behind for me to scrub off later. anything he used is in the sink, or out somewhere for all the world to see.

he knows he packed everything, because he always does. his bags aren't just stuffed full of junk, but the items are placed in there in a certain way, just the right way. he has a new bag every time i see him and that reminds me...i just got new jumper cables and they should be accompanied by a really cool carrying case from Sears. so i went out to my car, opened the trunk, and the dumb alarm went off and scared me to death leaving a pit in my stomache. i turned the alarm off, which i have to do with the key, manually (can you believe that.... soooo old fashioned) because i have yet to get a new clicker. Alas, there is a sears bag in the trunk, sitting next to my sub and amp. this means that my dad DOES know about my recent purchase of the huge box that takes up a good amount of space in my trunk. (in case you are curious, i might be, and its an alpine 10 inch sub in a bandpass box-- i think that's what it's called, i'm no good at some memory things)

he didn't let me know he knew about it. i wasn't prepared to let him know myself honestly, and i have been waiting for the right time. it almost slipped out at so many different times because i have this need to confess, especially to my parents. (as odd as that might be) I'm upset he didn't let me know he knew because even though i'm sure he feels lucky to get out of a demonstration, i would have really liked for him to hear it. maybe i should just feel fortunate that i'm not in trouble, at least i don't seem to be for now.

So, back to my original train of thought... Aunt Janet went through a broad checklist when we got ready to leave and sure enough, he had everything, but he had to check again, just to make sure. he knew he had it all, but he had to check.

we went to China Palace on Friday night for dinner. i'd have a cute little blue umbrella as a token from that night,from the Chi Chi i ordered, but my cat destroyed it, naturally. When we got there, the hostess lead us to a booth. I stood to the side until my dad came up and i explained that i don't sit on the inside. i expected him to slide right into the booth with that, but instead he said he doens't like to sit on the inside either. I assumed he'd give into his dislike and just sit on the inside, but he asked for a table instead. we all sat at a table, and no one had to sit on the inside. we were all equals in the hierarchy, or comfort rather, of restaurant table seating.

every time i see my parents i feel more and more like them. i feel like i am the perfect combination of Sue and Charles. i just seem to have so many characteristics of both of them, and i am just so incredibly similar to both of them in totally different ways, but i am totally me.

Friday, November 08, 2002

this story about future al Queda attacks makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, how about you?
okay, so very not cool. i have somewhere i want to log in, and my password, which i KNOW i correct is not working. hopefully it's a gliche in the system and will wok by normal business hours, that is, assuming that site is based in America. anyway, whatever.. i hope it works tomorrow or i will freak out.

Monday, November 04, 2002


monday is not going away
monday is hell day

monday is not tuesday
monday is judgment day for local players says lone star new head
monday is the day
monday is last day for some to apply for disaster
monday is skate day
monday is wanking day
monday is the worst day for teens with migraines
monday is smog day also
monday is wash day
monday is only the second person to go over niagara falls
monday is my best day
monday is "sing it you diva" night
monday is a great day
monday is in need of a loving home in ca
monday is a wanking day
monday is washday
monday is forever
monday is no west wing
monday is magic
monday is the second day of the week; its name is a translation of the latin phrase
monday is better then friday for homework deadline
monday is deadline for students to students to pay up
monday is meat loaf and burgers and pork chops and steak and more

Sunday, November 03, 2002

yeah, so i probably did spend a little too much time on the computer today, so friggin what? i don't have to be productive until Monday... that is the rule right?

Try to avoid scanning the Cat's genitals. We really don't need to see Fluffy's junk up close and personal.

my computer hadn't made me laugh as hard since the incident of the cat haiku's. (by coincidence these items are both cat related... go figure)


the more i read about this man, the sicker i KNOW he is. i was directed to this site through a number of links (as we could say 'surfin' the web'--like, totally dude, cowabunga) and read her/his opinion on these gun rallies that Charlton Heston has in the cities that have shootings at schools shortly after the shootings. yeah, it's a free country, and he can do whatever he wants, but it would nice he had some respect and decency among other things.

another thing to think about is if he really wanted to get more people to agree with him, then he wouldn't act like such an asshole about it. but actually, i guess that isnt really his concern because he hates 'liberals', so i guess he wouldn't want them on his side, but rather get them all mad at him. i just don't really see the point of that though, but i guess some people just like to get people mad. i certainly don't, it makes a knot in my stomach.
when i saw this article, about a car pile-up of nearly 200 cars, the only words that came from my mouth were, "DAMN." (surprisingly enough, i said it with an Alabama accent somehow)

how funny is this? this French woman found a need to totally take off her sweater, revealing her naked upper half at an airport in Indiana, which they (her lawyer) later blamed on a language barrier.

Go Sooners!!! Univeristy of Oklahoma is now ranked number ONE according to this article. you wouldn't think i'd care so much, considering the fact that i've been raised as a OU hat... odd sighting for Auburn, Alabama.

this damn cat, i swear. he jumped up onto my desk here, not knowing i had a plate of chicken pot pie right on the edge, and he landed in it. worse than the cat though, are these stupid fruit flies. i found one on my pot pie and decided to kill him by drowning him in a part of it. a part i am not going to eat, just so that is cleared up.

This morning, or afternoon rather, i went outside to get my Sunday copy of the Opelika-Auburn News, and found that not only had it been raining, but there was a man with a pick up truck over by the dumpsters. He was an old man, obviously (as bad as it sounds) from somewhere around these shabby parts, or along Martin Luther King Dr, and he had some sort of long metal bar with him. In the back of his pick up truck, he had two sacks of garbage, which led me to believe he was NOT there to drop off his garbage, but rather to collect garbage from the residents of Eagles West. I wondered if it was the same guy that Carrie saw digging through the dumpsters outside her window, a few buildings (okay, several buildings) down from my place.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

what is really sick about this article is knowing that it means Osama has actually gotten laid.

i mean, i figured he would have because i'm sure not everyone feels the way most people feel about him, besides the fact there is that whole power thing which some people are drawn too.


"You have an obligation in democracy to vote," Bush told the crowd in Pennsylvania.

actually, we have no obligation to vote, that's why this is called a free country. we have the ability to choose weather or not we vote, and i actually hope there are a lot of people that don't vote because i'd rather someone not vote than vote for something they know nothing about. an ignorant vote is the worst if you ask me, and since most people are ignorant to what is really going on (not exluding myself here), it seems like not many people should rightfully be at the voting booths anyway. ofcourse, that wouldn't look too good, and it'd be hilarious.

and another thing, i think you have the right to complain even if you don't vote because when all the candidates are crappy, what other choice do you have?

voting is over rated anyway. when the last presidential election took place, and there was that huge problem in Florida, i became addicted to CNN (obsessed is the more technically correct here really) and learned that a huge chunk of votes from everywhere gets lost, so in actuality, your vote may OR may NOT make a difference at all. it's really all up to the morons who are responsible for the votes.