Wednesday, February 26, 2003

"we were merely freshman. for the life of me i can not remember what made us think that we were wise."
-the verve pipe, freshman

this song brings back that part of my life so vividly. it was the very end of 8th grade and we were going to be in highschool soon. we all loved the song and it was particularly exciting to us because we were almost freshman and that's what the song was called. we were in Hunt, Texas and we felt so old and wise although we knew we had so much more to experience. we'd grown so much since we'd first come to know eachother and we sat in the dark and contemplated our place in life at that moment and what we wished was different and who we wished was there, but in all honesty, it was perfect just the two of us. we'd talk about fantasies we had that would become realities before we died and we knew it. we were alone, and everyone else was asleep. we were out in the middle of nowhere, away from the city lights and away from phones. lightning bugs had the power to take hold of us and they'd amaze us with their tricks. we felt to old and we knew we were so young and we knew that we had barely made a dent in our lives but we could feel the force that the future would bring. the song was just so good or there was something about it that really made us feel something.

ps. i didnt really read this afterwards cause i didnt really feel like it, so if it reads funny or just plain crappy, that is why.

Monday, February 17, 2003

i love the way the right song, or right voice can touch and twist parts of your body you didn't even know existed.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

one day we'll be telling our kids about the days before the internet, when we'd actually have to go to the library for all those projects in school. we'll tell them about pay phones and how it was only a quarter to make a call.we'll tell them what it was like to live when you actually had to go home before you could call someone, stamps were 29 cents and you could meet people at the gate after getting off the plane. they'll find black and white even more amusing then we do, and won't believe we actually used things called floppy disks. they'll find the advancement from the big floppy to the ones we still sometimes use now not very significant and they won't know what it is like to have to wait for your film to process.

Monday, February 10, 2003

i might remember their face, and they might remember mine, but chances are, we'll never see eachother again to find out.
i found my lipstick. but i knew i'd find my lipstick. i always find it about five to ten minutes after losing it. it's part of my daily routine. it sucks.
my checkbook in the leather case showed up and so did the checkbook i started using to replace that one. i hadn't yet gone to the third book.
my moleskin notebook was also recovered today. i knew it had to be in my apartment, but i hadn't seen in so long. I hadn't been writing in it so much since i started working, which i hate, but i looked in all of my special places, and my suitcases of my stuff, and i looked through my laundry basked of notebooks and papers, but it was nowhere. after thinking hard enough, i found in that small front pocket on my backpack, you know the one. good God was i relieved. that would have been a significant chunk of my life just gone, no chance of ever being remembered again.

anyway, my relatively new phone has NOT shown up. Andy (the owner) thinks someone stole it. another employee. isn't that lovely?

Saturday, February 01, 2003