Monday, March 31, 2003

MY book has become so thick that my discman (one of the bigger ones from the late 90's) was wedged between two pages comfortably.
with a black leather interior and a not so shiny black exterior, my car has become a massive heat making machine.
just walked out to get my mail and could feel the heat of my car just walking by it.
all these new e-mails i have yet to read, they are making me nervous. accepting cash from the computer via paypal, i don't understand it and its making me nervous. i have to get to the bank and deposit this money before these companies cash my checks, and that is making me nervous. my apartment is a mess, i have tons of things to do, tons of pills to take and no food to take them with, and this is making me nervous and very frusterated.

i am still not as tan as i'd like to be, but i don't really care to much about that, and i have work at 3:30 and i don't care about that so much either because i know it will consist of sitting at table 10 for hours after we've prepared everything for the much anticipated customers that probbaly won't come because its monday and mondays are very slow.

Monday, March 10, 2003

i have never been and will never be in a sorority, my toenails are not painted and i don't sit around talking about highschool two years after leaving it.
i hate how instead of doing all the things i wanted to do, i struggled to get out of bed five hours later that i intended, and now i'm sitting here being unproductive.

i sit around and hate my life and hate my apartment and can't figure out what the hell to do with my disgusting self and then i remember if i would just take my medicine i wouldn't have to deal with this.