Wednesday, November 12, 2003

i went outside and the girls were sitting out on their porch again. they don't say hi to me or even smile, but when they laugh, i know they are laughing at me.

in my nightmare, somebody took my medicine away from me.

the olsen twins were there too.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

i was always led to believe that animals didn't enjoy making an exhibition out of their bathroom habits, but i have been proven wrong. i finally cleaned out houston's litter box today, and as usual, he gets in while i am work and lays a fresh one. he even let me pet him while he was doing it. why was i trying to pet my cat while he was taking a dump? simply because i wanted to see if he let me. he was always so protective of himself and his accessories... food, poop, etc., but it appears that the trust is out there, officialy, as of today.

i have a habit of coming over to this chair after everything i do... call me a computer nerd, call me boring, i don't care; it's just the simple truth. after cleaning the litter box, i took a seat and felt something gritty on my finger, and took a whif. oh my gosh, it was exactly what i was hoping it wasn't- cat shit. it was also smeared on my knee... where did it come from? i haven't found any other remains of today's demonstration, but i know there has to be more somewhere, and i know i will find them now that i am clean (which in itself, is a rarity).

it made me think of the time in third grade when i returned from recess to discover my hands absolutely REEKING of cat piss. out of compulsion, i repeatedly raised my fingers to my face to re-assure myself of the smell. my teacher, mrs black, obviously disgusted by my habit had me go wash my hands.

that same year, (or just maybe 2nd grade) we put on a show for the parents that was highlighted by the idea of friendship. i had a solo (you can't buy friendship), but that's not the song that's in my head today.

"best friends should be together
that's how it ought to be
so, let's pretend i'm part of you
and you are part of me"

i am not 100 % certain of the last two lines, but they are the words i've been singing for years and they work, don't they?

today, howard dean is apologizing for his remark, which i, personally, find un-neceassary. if he had said, "white guys with confederate flags on their trucks," i'd see a problem, but with the comment he said being as broad as it is... i really don't see the problem.

about what he said in the first place. my first thought was that i didn't want the democratic party to appeal to guys with confederate flags because now that i live in alabama and KNOW what these guys are like, they're not anything i want to be a part of. then howard dean made a good point by saying they needed healthcare and financial support (somethign to that extent, but don't quote me on it) just like everybody else, which is true.

the election is a year away and i am so frightened we will have to suffer another four years with the wrong person leading us.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

i am so sick of living in the god damn (i hate saying those words together, but it's such a habit) country. i don't want to have to drive to another state to get to the closest barnes & noble.

i really need to update november... but there is always tomorrow. i just hope i stop saying that before the end of the month.