Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i have yet to hear a legal argument as to why same sex marriages should be banned. i know the religious argument, but that doesn't have a place in our government which is supposed to be completely separate from church. so, really, what is the argument? i've read about bush calling it 'troubling,' and in this article, a conservative religious group goes as far as to wonder "What's next? Legalized heroin? Prostitution? Polygamy? Incest?"

These people dare to compare a marriage between two people of the same sex to deathly and addictive drugs and other acts of behavior we find outrageous and outdated? (grrr..can't find right wording) honestly, can you really compare homosexuality to prositution, polygamy, and incest? Yes, these are the religious nuts of the republican party, so they are not speaking for all republicans...but if these are the arguments, i ask again... where is the legal argument?

if it to preserve the sanctity of marriage then why isn't the president making divorce illegal?

seriously, i know i'm a crazy liberal or whatever, but i have yet to hear an argument i can even open my mind to.

and for the record, i consider myself religous, so this isn't just some atheist spouting out anti-religious crap, i just don't think religion has a place, AT ALL, in our government... which gets me thinking about how posting the ten commandmants in public is legal now in a few states, but that is another story....for another day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i haven't said anything before and i'm not exactly sure why, but i DID make it into the fall 2003 issue of the auburn circle, despite what i originally believed. turns out the copy i had picked up was actually the spring 2003 issue. why they would put those out when the fall 2003 issue was due, i don't know. personally, i don't think the auburn circle is run well at all, but that's a whole other story.

i had seen this issue of the auburn circle circling around campus that looked different from mine, but i had assumed they had two different covers for the magazine. i finally decided to take a look at this other copy and i quickly flipped through it. it was definently different from the issue i had picked up, but i still didn't see anything of mine. then i looked at the table of contents and there i was, at the very bottom of the list, with one page number after my name. page 62. i flipped to page 62, and there it was, on the very last page, my Beat Bama, in black and white. the last page, and black and white, but it's in there isn't it?!?1

god, i can't write for shit

Friday, February 06, 2004

following the lead, i went ahead and made a map of the states i have been to. it is a lot easier to show you than the one on my wall which has turned into something completely different...i hope i haven't forgotten any. it sure did feel like a lot more before i had it displayed in this manner.

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i'm always wondering if i am that bad neighbor. the one who's music is always too loud at all the wrong times during the day. i had a neighbor above me at my last apartment that played papa roach at 7 in the morning on several occasions. i can't remember the name of the song, but you know it. it's the first big hit... about wanting to kill yourself or something like that. it was that song and one other, but i can't remember the other one right now. (i have my reasons)

all i would have to do is simply ask the neighbor below me if she can hear my music. it'd be that easy. i haven't followed through with this idea because there is a pretty good chance that she will say it IS in fact, much too loud, and then i would have a definite reason to turn it down, which i, obviously, don't want to do. this way it's still a mystery and if i end up being that shitty neighbor, well, i don't care.

this morning's playlist (eighties ladies):

it's not right but it's okay, whitney houston
save the best for last, vanessa williams
i can't make you love me, bonnie raitt
didn't we almost have it all, whitney houston
i wanna dance with sombody who loves me, whitney houston
open arms, mariah carey
can't let go, mariah carey
feeling this, blink 182

i just realized how much time i am wasting by sitting here.