Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i have yet to hear a legal argument as to why same sex marriages should be banned. i know the religious argument, but that doesn't have a place in our government which is supposed to be completely separate from church. so, really, what is the argument? i've read about bush calling it 'troubling,' and in this article, a conservative religious group goes as far as to wonder "What's next? Legalized heroin? Prostitution? Polygamy? Incest?"

These people dare to compare a marriage between two people of the same sex to deathly and addictive drugs and other acts of behavior we find outrageous and outdated? (grrr..can't find right wording) honestly, can you really compare homosexuality to prositution, polygamy, and incest? Yes, these are the religious nuts of the republican party, so they are not speaking for all republicans...but if these are the arguments, i ask again... where is the legal argument?

if it to preserve the sanctity of marriage then why isn't the president making divorce illegal?

seriously, i know i'm a crazy liberal or whatever, but i have yet to hear an argument i can even open my mind to.

and for the record, i consider myself religous, so this isn't just some atheist spouting out anti-religious crap, i just don't think religion has a place, AT ALL, in our government... which gets me thinking about how posting the ten commandmants in public is legal now in a few states, but that is another story....for another day.


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