Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i haven't said anything before and i'm not exactly sure why, but i DID make it into the fall 2003 issue of the auburn circle, despite what i originally believed. turns out the copy i had picked up was actually the spring 2003 issue. why they would put those out when the fall 2003 issue was due, i don't know. personally, i don't think the auburn circle is run well at all, but that's a whole other story.

i had seen this issue of the auburn circle circling around campus that looked different from mine, but i had assumed they had two different covers for the magazine. i finally decided to take a look at this other copy and i quickly flipped through it. it was definently different from the issue i had picked up, but i still didn't see anything of mine. then i looked at the table of contents and there i was, at the very bottom of the list, with one page number after my name. page 62. i flipped to page 62, and there it was, on the very last page, my Beat Bama, in black and white. the last page, and black and white, but it's in there isn't it?!?1

god, i can't write for shit


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