Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i'm always wondering if i am that bad neighbor. the one who's music is always too loud at all the wrong times during the day. i had a neighbor above me at my last apartment that played papa roach at 7 in the morning on several occasions. i can't remember the name of the song, but you know it. it's the first big hit... about wanting to kill yourself or something like that. it was that song and one other, but i can't remember the other one right now. (i have my reasons)

all i would have to do is simply ask the neighbor below me if she can hear my music. it'd be that easy. i haven't followed through with this idea because there is a pretty good chance that she will say it IS in fact, much too loud, and then i would have a definite reason to turn it down, which i, obviously, don't want to do. this way it's still a mystery and if i end up being that shitty neighbor, well, i don't care.

this morning's playlist (eighties ladies):

it's not right but it's okay, whitney houston
save the best for last, vanessa williams
i can't make you love me, bonnie raitt
didn't we almost have it all, whitney houston
i wanna dance with sombody who loves me, whitney houston
open arms, mariah carey
can't let go, mariah carey
feeling this, blink 182

i just realized how much time i am wasting by sitting here.


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