Thursday, March 24, 2005

still working on:

-putting my photos up from california and from my birthday
-miniblog in the sidebar for photos.
-hooking up my scanner so i can jazz the page up a little.

in the meantime, i did finally find a picture of the sunglasses i bought.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

the girl scouts are OUT OF CONTROL

Some 400 to 700 fifth- through ninth-graders attend the half-day Nobody's Fool conference in Waco each July. The program never mentions abortion, according to Planned Parenthood. The youngsters receive a book with chapters on homosexuality and masturbation, as well as illustrations of couples having sex, people examining their naked bodies and a boy putting on a condom.

Some Girl Scout mothers called it soft-core porn.

"It embarrassed me to look at it with my husband," said parent Shannon Donaldson.

-USA Today(via jk)

i can't help but wonder if shannon's husband is sleeping with someone else and/or has calluses on his dick from playing with himself too much.

but, i think she's right. i'd much rather have my kids learn about sex through trash they see everywhere else instead of learning the truth early on.